Ibiza Villa


Ibiza Villa is a private sanctuary
that focuses on clever zoning and introspective architecture with seamless transterior integration and environmental considerations. Located on the Balearic Island within the national forest mountain rage, the Ibiza Villa is oriented towards the spectacular views of the surrounding mountain range and sea. The villa is a unique property designed as a cluster formation, inspired by the relaxed and open style living of Ibiza. The interpretation of indoor, outdoor spaces fuses the building with the surrounding. The private villa is composed of a main house, annex, spa, and pool; each complex framing a view with a unique connection to its natural surroundings.

Rough, natural rustic textures of wood and stone juxtapose the whitewashed building to create a perfect sanctuary. An entry court is formed by two symmetrical one- story volumes, a skylight fills the space with natural light. Local materials reinforce the relationship between the building and its high mountain landscape. Air, light, and the natural rock formation are brought inside, complementing the owner’s furnishings.