1000 Seward


Located on a prominent corner of Hollywood’s revitalized studio district, this speculative redevelopment combines 160,000 square feet of creative workspace, retail and restaurant space and a new urban plaza. The proposed 10-story mixed- use project encompasses 150,600 square feet, including a total of 136,200 square
feet of commercial office area and 14,400 square feet of combined retail/restaurant/ hospitality/entertainment area.

The design by Hawkins/Brown reflects the renewed energy and vigor of the studio district, with a statement building, which combines our contrasting European and Californian sensibilities and experiences, embraces density, and brings the surrounding streets and ground floor spaces alive for people, not cars.
The project was designed to account for Hollywood as it borders a low-rise residential area, so although our building makes its presence felt, it is sympathetic to its surroundings, tiered down to four stories on the Hudson Avenue side to meet its residential neighbors.

Hollywood will continue to be the entertainment capital of the world. As the competition for content creation continues to drive billions of dollars into the economy, the need for new content creation spaces will only increase. This project responds to that need.

— Matt Cooper, The Post Group