1235 N. Vine


1235 N. Vine Street, designed by Hawkins\ Brown Architects. Once complete, the project will bring 109,100-square-feet of Class-A office space for creative industries to the neighborhood atop 7,800 square feet of ground-floor retail, as well as a 4-story below-ground parking area with 232 spots, and a number of roof terraces that will take advantage of the building’s offset volumes.

Sitting adjacent to the historic Villa Elaine, the building features a stepping design, arched openings of different sizes, an external colonnade, and large roof terraces. The proposed mixed use building’s design is generated from the very unique nature of the site, interpreting traditional urban design and a compositional approach for a contemporary yet deferential environment.

Addressing a growing demand for creative offices in Hollywood, 1235 Vine Street provides 109,100 square feet of office space for the rising influx of entertainment and technology firms in the area.